3rd anniversary

Three years ago this was George’s last day on earth.  Still hard to deal with but getting better. “This too will come to pass”…


My second laptop in 2 months!

Well the latest HP died of hard disc failure so the next best in store was this Lenovo idea pad 510. All my data will now belong to the Chinese secret ‘squirrels’ so that by the time I finally arrive to visit or teach there I will be well known. Only joking everyone. I must admit it is a larger screen and lap top so it makes for easier reading/working, that is if I finally load everything and find my way around it.

Uni starts next Monday so on with the new and upgrading my brain in 2017.

‘the unfolding of me’

On Saturday the 10th December I flew over from Adelaide to Perth for an extended holiday with Thea,Stew and ‘their patch work’ family. It has been wonderful with some stormy patches of “my way is the best way of doing something”, yet through all the ‘argy-bargy’ of Christmas, New Year , job loss, new house build finalising, summer school holidays etc we have gotten along very well. OK so I found myself drinking far too much diet coke vanilla and eating M and Ms.

Despite this I found myself once again wrestling with the Lord about what he can see for me and what I can see and want for me. He’s correct 100% of the time, I get that. However on a warm pre -Christmas day I found myself sitting on a beach at Bouvard, watching Thea and Stew setting crab pots out in the estuary while granddaughters and their friends tried to catch crabs in plant baskets nailed to poles by screaming and leaping in the air. I thought it was a fascinating and new way of crab catching, deafen them before scooping then up into the buckets they were towing.

It was then that as I looked across the water that I realised that I wanted to live here and that it was alright to do so, that the ‘footprint of George Shaw’ now lay lightly upon my soul and the land.I then set out to look at places for rent and talk to old colleagues about employment opportunities here in Education. I have wrestled with myself overt his and come to the conclusion that I need to make a decision and then take it to the Lord and wait on his answer as I move ahead with creating a new stage of my life.20161223_105619

I don’t fear living alone, in fact I think that this stage is part of my unfolding, a necessary ‘Aunty Peg’ phase of independence and making my way in life. Little did I know that when I was flying over what was to befall me. How was I to know that the combination of sea, water ways, WA plants and people was to find their way into my soul.

Scaffolding Clipboard

ESL Deverell

“Solving a problem simply means representing it so as to make the solution transparent.” – H.A. Simon

My professor made the following statement that gave me pause for thought. “Scaffolding is teaching. Teaching is scaffolding”.

I found it remarkable that she would find it conceptually useful enough to make such a de-facto statement, and it was my cue to researching scaffolding further.

Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article:

Instructional scaffolding is a learning process designed to promote a deeper level of learning. Scaffolding is the support given during the learning process which is tailored to the needs of the student with the intention of helping the student achieve his/her learning goals (Sawyer, 2006)…The best and most effective use of instructional scaffolding helps the learner figure out the task at hand on their own. It is best to think of the use of instructional scaffolding in an effective…

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A vision about me.

Mid week while in a sleep/wakefulness moment I dream pt about myself and a person who had decided to make me her enemy. We were outside the Albury Chapel in our cars and then standing beside them, she said something and my reply was, and this I remember quite clearly, though I paraphrase it 4 days later. “I know who I am, and I know who this church belongs to, and it is the Savior. You cannot move me or get me to be what you were trying to manipulate me into being, I know who I am and I know who my Savior is. What has gone before is now gone there is no carry on as if nothing has happened, I know who I am” I woke about this time and the dream/vision was so strong that it has stayed with me. I told President Clacy today about it as I know I can trust him. We both recognised that I have ‘found myself and my identity again after the period nursing George and going through bereavement for his loss to me. But now I am moving, and I feel quite quickly towards who I want to be and who my Father in Heaven wants me to be, to help his children on this earth. I have a loving, kind heart and on occasions it overflows with love for my fellow brothers and sisters. I want them to have what I have, a deep and abiding knowledge of who we are and of our Heavenly parents and the role our Savior plays in this ‘plan of happiness’ we are in on earth.

Back at work

For the next 2 days  I am teaching history  at Wodonga/ Albury Independent  school for the lead teacher David. I taught the EL adult class  last Wednesday  so felt good knowing I had some  funds
coming in this week. I must at
admit  I have been cruising  Clothes stores. Mm mm.
The work is  not have hard and on occasions boring but I do my best to be engaged  with the students. It certainly has little  pressure and I can leave for home  knowing  my time is for me.

New grandchild and new sage of life.

On Sunday I was set apart as a Branch Missionary, Tuesday I found out Goy ws pregnant with grandchild no 17 and Wednesday Nichoas arrived from the US.
I also officially retired from teaching,maybe some casual work but now I am a university student studing my Masters of TESOL.
FAMILY HISTORY  continues on with constant surprises from strangers aking about their connections and my self also seeking after past and present family members.
My hair is now deep red on the fringe and a lighter brown on the rest. Short and straight I look like the British comedian Jo from QI.