Such is life!

This morning I started off with a teaching job a b d by 2pm gad none. Why?

The Adult Migrant Education scheme in compliance with the AQTF have raised the level of qualification to post graduation diplona fir teaching English as a second language.

So no job. I ave been asked to go in Monday to se if I will fit in with the 2 cool for school students. Back to casua relief teaching. Now I can add focus onto my studies.

Ah such is life.

Phase 3 Life has kicked in.

On Monday 1/2/2016 I completed my Certificate 4 in TAE4110 Training and Assessment by presenting the final lesson on ‘How to create a drop dead presentation’ at the Albury Wodonga Community College in front of 8 of my peers. NOT my colleagues as I had done before but my future colleagues and peers.

AND I NAILED IT as modern day vernacular puts it. That meant that I now have been offered the position of lecturer at AWCC in the Cert 2 class on a casual basis but who knows where it will lead to. The 2 cool for school VET leader was also interested in me for casual relief teaching. so maybe a nearly full time job will now turn up out of this. I intend to still keep my church volunteer position open in the Family History Center of a Thursday so …. oh and I also was accepted to do my masters of TESOL at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst. I may just be a tad busy but also will need to be disciplined and focused.

Woohoo welcome to 2016, the year in which I learn and experience a lot.