what can I say?

I start off well then slide down the slippery slope of “I’ll do it later” and of course later never comes. However as I want to continue this for some weird reason of my own I will add into my current session.

A cancer scare this past few weeks with a great diagnosis – benign, made me realise that my busy life just has to fit in time to keep my writing going. A .4 teaching load has just about brought me to my knees and that does not include full time Seminary teaching. Add in a dachshund of uncertain temper who is determined that his needs are to be met and my life flows over with demands.

However there are some great ‘gems of life’ in among all this, friends who help care for the hound and me, grandchildren who make my life a joy, learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ and living where I do at the beach is the ‘balm of Gilead’ I need.

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