Its amazing how much I despise fat old wealthy men who think they ‘rule the roost’.

Its funny but a lot of women my age are expressing the same sentiments when I talk and listen to them. I’ve thought about it and in each case I think this may be because we have been the beneficiaries of education and training, work opportunities our mothers didn’t have, or if they were ‘liberated’ by WW 2 then after they came back into the middle class mould of stay at home and raise children while the father worked away.

Now when we see men in either blond or black died haircuts and their rhetoric seems so removed for what we marched for, protested over and attempted to live. But more intriguing I see women who look like they have come from the Mattel Barbie Doll mould.

Oh 2 lots of mould words, so maybe that what we are concerned about, no authentic people who are carrying out an agenda we thought had moved away, to the past, the lessening of the ‘straight jacket’ of compliance of……capitalism?

I remember back in the 1990’s when I was at Monash University studying Comparative Sociology and Comparative Literature, with a Minor in Asian History, that our Sociology professor stated in a tutorial that he had stopped marching as all the major ‘fights’ had been subsumed by Capitalism. Which by his definition was a many headed monster that had the ability to pop up another head just as you thought that you had slayed one.

And yet I see capitalism run riot again as the world experiences a pandemic not seen for over 100 years, media and politicking and business are awash with the ‘dooms-day mental head set of a latter ’14 century Black Plague’ scenario. There seems to be plenty of ” we are all in this together” however listening to the above mentioned I think the advertising is, a cover blanket. A self deluding cover blanket that’s trying to get us to be happy as far, far to many people yell about their rights, their sovereignty, their needs and to hell with the rest. Its all about making money. That’s what capitalism is, money and the ability to believe that if you have enough you will be everything the world desires.

I’m sure there is a movie in there somewhere. With a really horrible ending as the heroes realise that they are the problem too, that the outsiders in human or no human form really don’t care, Its all about money and power.

As the world tips towards , what, I don’t know , more selfishness!!!! I see parallels in the past histories of our lives. But I also see the good people stand up for others rights with compassion. I see the good people help others regardless of the cost to selves. And that allows me to have hope, to be engaged in authentic relationships, to reach out and comfort and be comforted in return.

So instead of being defeated I’m encouraged, instead of loneliness I’m surrounded by people who care, and I can still vote and raise my voice in support or condemnation to a system and the people in it who only see themselves through the lens of capitalism.

My voice, my thoughts from an old white woman who cares.

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