Hello world! My leap into wholehearted living, July 2015.

I had wanted to name this blog “There is life in the old dog yet: but others had taken it so… phase 3 life it is because that is very much how I feel my life is now. Phase 3.

I was thinking about moving to phase 4 in May, seems all my crisis of the soul seem to arrange themselves to come crashing in in May, however a more perfect being than I will ever be reminded me that my core problems were because I was not looking after myself, I was not being true to myself and I was not moving. Fear always did lay a heavy hand on my shoulder.

Now here I am in Wodonga, Victoria organising my next phase in life. I woke this morning to the realisation that what I wanted to do was to become a garden teacher/creator, add in Literacy and Numeracy for adults and I felt I was some way to the stage of life work I wanted. Wont make me rich in monetary reward but will in other ways.

Online research about Permaculture and associated projects and I knew this was it. I could either bounce in “and grab the bull by the horns” or ‘shilly shally’ around looking for work in the Secondary sector and ending up hating it all again.

I allowed the ‘cultivating creativity’ of Wholeness Living to take over and it is not prepared to let go for which I am grateful.

Next will come the research into courses that will allow this to flower, leaping into the dark of certainty and finding “MY Meaningful Work” Phase 3.

letting go, trusting, being grateful and happy despite the circumstances.

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