Spring has sprung

Winter seemed to drag by bringing with it first the flu then a head cold, the latter producing low blood pressure and headaches.

However as all diurnal seasons teach us spring has arrived and a flurry of opened petals and activities announced themselves.

A visit to a Thai healer with massage and yoga stretching today has made my world feel brighter and hopefully tomorrow will bring less cold virus and more ‘it’s great to be alive’ feeling.

I have started my first week as the Family History Director and decided that paper work was a fact of life and to ‘just do it’. The same goes for blogging and gardening and family history research. ‘Just Do It’.

As for work, well some days back into High schools have taught me it is only for the money! and a TAE course in 3 weeks will hopefully move me into College work line. My application is in to the NSW Dept. of Education and hopefully that will be resolved and cleared soon. So much for me getting to NSW for the 22nd June and updating my application. It took till the 1st September to be done.

I have been to a seminar on Grieving which I found very helpful. I still dissolve onto tears talking about George, he was the love of my life and my confidence to be me. I always talked a good talk but failed at the do it follow up.

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