Kicking down doors

My daughter Thea reminded me that if you insist on kicking down doors then you may find something behind one that you don’t like. True words of wisdom from a blond ‘fibberty gidget’ of the family.

As usual it got to tears before I made up my mind and resolved to find out why my certification had not come through from BOSTES NSW, and a persistent series of phone calls with no doubt some tone in my voice. The voice on the other end gently reminded me that it was Friday and soon to be feet up and coffee time. I can still feel a growl in my mind when I replay our conversation, and of course the universal panacea of all things that could go wrong was placed at the feet of the IT gods. note small spelling of gods.

Having had a run in with them on the day before with no wireless connections and an online training to be conducted from a family history trainer in Missouri, US I was less than forgiving but sanguine in the face of reality and the IT gods wishes and dispatches to oblivion.

I am 2/3rd of the way through my Cert 4 Train the Trainer and feeling confident, 5 more assessments and 2 x 45 min training sessions with  holistic TAS documentation.

I am also searching for funded and accessible Cert 4 TESOL courses run by local Universities but so far the only one requires a day per week in Melbourne for face to face study. as al this costs $3300.00 it is not a easy thing to manage.

I am also seeking work to fund my ongoing life here and starting to deal with the practicalities of a tight budget, Centrelink and job searches. And that doesn’t even begin to deal with my voluntary life as a Family History Director and Self Reliance facilitator.

Rereading this means I will still kick down doors, doing it in the way that will allow safe ingress and gain me what I want and need is the challenge. Thea is right, the Scottish/Irish/English view of door sundering is less about might and  ore about finesses now. Well not on all occasions!

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